The Skull Series

From Mexican traditions (my roots) to the world, we all try to honor the departure of our beloved ones..  during Nov 1st - 2nd I get nostalgic and keep in mind The Day of the Dead- a National Holiday where I'm from that honors the ones that have left us.. from family members to musicians and any other loved being. 

''As a Mexican Artist, I'm connected with this holiday wherever I am.. and I think is misjudged. It's a wonderful feeling when you know you are not alone in grief and in love! ''

The characteristic figure for this Holiday is a skull, Female ''La Catrina''  or  ''El Catrin''  born from the representation of a Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada, who made a drawing over 100 years ago of Mictecacíhuatl, The Lady of the Precinct of The Dead and who has become the highest representation of the Day of the Dead at a National and International Level. 

It’s important to mention that The Skulls Series honors Guadalupe Posada, and follows Mexican ARTsy trends. Skulls are freely painted during this time of the year... involving many participants who opt to paint a skull on each others face for school, work or to hit the clubs and party. 



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